Black Friday Drone Deals 2019 | Best Offers on DJI & Other Brands

Hey guys! Again Black Friday has come with great amusement. It is a great time to stock our gadgets and gifts for the long waiting holiday seasons. Enjoy this black Friday with some sparkling offers on drones. This year’s offers on Drones become very popular among the buyers. Drones have been the most popular gifts among the buyers during this holiday period. We are sure that certainly there will be several numbers of offers related to Drones that are really attracting you. We are trying to focus on some offers which are best for you.

Now we announcing with great rejoice that a brand new Drones, DJI Mavic Mini, has launched in the market this year. The product completely designed with US technology. Apart from DJI Mavic Mini, there are several types of Drone are available in the market, especially on Black Friday. Now it is the best time to look at them.

Black Friday Drones: Best Offers

From a lot of Drones in the Black Friday market, we are just taking 5 of them along with their features.

1. DJI Mavic Mini the heartthrob of the Drone lovers

The most recent and awaited Drone on this Black Friday. Just launched in the market this year.  The famous brand DJI designed it with lots of attractive features.


  • Mavic Mini of DJI has a maximum 4km control range. It is really mesmerizing. It can fly 30 minutes without any interruption.


  • Its front camera supports 3 axes motorized gimbals along with ½.3- inch sensor. The video camera of Mac Mini supports 2.7 Quad HD resolutions. It was capable to capture 12MP images. It allows you to transmit a high-quality video camera with 0 latency.


  • Its integrated altitude limit prevents some hazards and has home returning functions.
  • It is precise and stable for all time because it allows finding the ground for a safe landing.
  • This Drone has a minimum weight of 250gram and the size is also very small which is good for its work.
  • Multiple flight modes are also beneficial for its users.

2. Altair Falcon

It is a great Drone for it’s overall get up. The Drone is affordable among massive Drone users. You can get this with a fantastic discount on this Black Friday. Altair is popular for its special Altitude Hold System. Let’s see the features of the products.


  • It can fly the range of 125 meters. This available flying capability in this price range is unbelievable.


  • Falcon Drone has well equipped 720p HD camera which includes 120 viewing angles. Altair Falcon is not mainly designed for very good photography of videographers. It is best for the learners who have just started their work with Drone.


  • The Drone has a unique technology includes a positioning system and autonomous hovering. It helps the pilot to maintain the stability on horizontal and vertical hover.
  • With an extra two rechargeable, free batteries help the Drone to run without any interruption.
  • Altair Drone has multiple flight modes including headless mode, single touch take-off mode, easy landing mode, home returning mode, etc. those help the beginners to take a flight.

3. Holy Stone HS720

It is perfect for you if you have a great enthusiasm for Drone functioning. O this Black Friday it took the best place in the Dore lover’s mind. This upgraded Drone surely gives you special pleasure. Holy Stone mainly aimed for beginners to intermediate pilots. You would not find these types of Drone in this price range.


  • This Drone can fly almost more than 26 minutes. Its intelligent Lithium Polymer and developed battery give a special advantage to the Drone.


Holystone Drone has a 2k FHD camera which allows you to capture high resolution of 2048X1152p. This type of resolution is outstanding and there is no doubt. Its camera can capture 90-degree angles with high-quality shock absorption facilities. We know it is quite impressive among Drone lovers.


  • There are some exclusive flight modes are included in this Drone. The follow-me flight function mode, customize mode on several flights and the orbit mode makes this attractive among the users.
  • Return Home function can simply control by the users without any type of complication.
  • The Drone produces less noise.
  • It is easy to control by beginners to intermediates.
  • The Drone has a 5G Wifi system for fast sharing its files.

4. DJI Mavic Air- second most attractive on Black Friday

DJI Mavic Air is the second most exclusive and expensive Drones among the others in Black Friday offers. This Drone is ideal for an adventurer. With tons of high-class flight features and top-quality camera.


All the Drone pilots highly appreciate the Mavic Air for its 21 minutes uninterrupted flight ability. DJI uses the topmost unique technologies o designed the Drone and it makes the Drone stable enough. It works with the ability of autonomous flight modes which makes the Drone different from others.


DJI Mavic Air has the best level camera. The camera has 4k quality and a 3-axis gimbals system for capturing the photos from high altitudes. It is not the end; you can also tune panoramic photos and shoot high-quality videos by using its outstanding features.


  • The Drone designed with foldable design by which you can easily fold and store the gadgets. These features mainly adopted for adventurers and travelers.
  • It can fly more than 21 minutes with the help of a high-density lithium battery. This feature gives you the time to practice and test your flying skills.
  • Though it is quite expensive all the features of this Drone mainly designed for professional Drone pilots. Its high-class technologies make it famous among professionals.
  • You can also get user-friendly flight modes on this Drone.

5. Altair AA300 GPS Drone

Altair designed its AA300 Drone with the most affordable GPS technologies. You can unlock several numbers of unique features by using this Drone. You will definitely be satisfied with all types of facilities. Let’s see what those are.


  • With the maximum flight range of 150 meters, the Drone can able to fly for about 15 minutes. In this price range, it is not very least for the pilots.


  • The Drone comes with a 1080p HD camera which allows you to make an experience FPV flying and captured high-resolution HD photos along with good video capturing ability.


  • Its GPS flight mode helps the pilots to control the flight easily.
  • By using a 1080p HD camera, it helps to take aerial photos and videos.
  • This is not the end, you can access different flight modes like one-touch takeoff mode, altitude hold mode, returning home mode for the purpose of easy flying and gathering unique flight experiences.
  • You can get extra sets of the propeller in this Drone which helps to fly at different altitudes.
  • It provides multiple online video capturing facilities.

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